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West Campus Development Trust (WCDT) will be providing parcels in the first development Phase for lease through a Request for Qualification/Request for Proposals process.


WCDT will offer leases on parcels for a 99 year term. The conclusion of this term will either see an extension of the lease or a purchase back at fair market value.


The West Campus is envisioned to grow outwards, starting development in the heart of the community at the intersection of West Campus Gate and West Campus Way.The following land use types are anticipated to be included within the first development phase of the project but are subject to change;

  • M-G
  • M-2
  • DC M-H2*
  • DC C-COR1*
  • C-O (office)

*see resource section for a copy of the DCs.

It is anticipated that a site for Assisted Living will also be released.


Notice of the RFQ will be publically advertised through MERX (Canada’s Public Tender Service), allowing any developer or builder to submit a proposal for evaluation. Respondents will be asked to identify in their proposals which land use/product type they are interested in contributing to the project. Proposals submitted will be evaluated based on the respondent’s corporate visions and values, project experience and innovation in sustainability and design.


Firms shortlisted under the RFQ will partake in a “discussion” process prior to the release of the RFP. This opportunity will allow WCDT to receive feedback and comments from developers and builders on the information provided and make any applicable changes prior to the release of the RFP. There is no evaluation as part of the Discuss Process and all respondents who are shortlisted as part of the RFQ are eligible to submit for the RFP.


The developers and builders who qualified through the RFQ process will be able to submit proposals for the RFP. The RFP provides the respondent with further information relating to the individual parcels available for development and requests more specific information related to the value and vision of the parcels from the builder/developer. The evaluation criteria for the RFP will include the price offered for the parcel, development proposal and project team.